Analysis Of Hongke New Environmental Protection And Energy-saving Cone Crusher

cone crusher

Cone crusher is one of the best crusher, since the crusher in our country began, cone crusher is rapid development in our country, and rapid development. Symons cone broken, spring cone crusher, horizontal bar hydraulic cone breaker, multi cylinder hydraulic cone crusher and so on. Recently, Hongke also have new achievements, the first to introduce new energy saving and environmental protection cone crusher, look at its characteristics.
1, the use of hydraulic protection system.
Hongke new type of cone crusher hydraulic system is used to adjust the crusher row ore mouth size and hydraulic system can effectively ensure the safe operation of the device, in the crushing cavity in a foreign body, the hydraulic system can be automatic cone back, when, after the removal of foreign bodies and the system the back moving cone automatic reset. Re maintain the original discharge position to continue to work.
2, broken cavity type, to meet the various needs.
Crusher cavity type is the main technical indicators of the broken. The machine from coarse crushing to finely designed four kinds of specifications of the cavity, it has six possible combinations, which means it can best drop is suitable for the special requirements of users.
3, broken wall replacement convenient.
In the past the broken machine to replace the broken wall is very slow and very troublesome, Hongke cone crusher to solve this problem. Hongke machine new energy saving and environmental protection cone break with a new structure design, broken wall is provided with a clamping pin, bolt from the top of the broken wall fixed, crushing wall fixed with hydraulic nut fastening, broken wall, abaxially not need add any filling material. Thus, the replacement of the speed speed and reduce the labor intensity of workers.
4, adjust the discharge port is convenient.
Hongke new type cone broken selected displacement sensor with high pressure resistance and adjust the discharging mouth position is in the operation room, full automatic processing, does not need to be adjusted to field devices, not only has the advantages of convenient, quick and accurate, reduce the labor intensity of workers, and also avoid casualties.
5, sealing reliability.
The labyrinth type sealing device, replacing the previous use of water seal, the dust and impurities can not enter the machine body, so as to ensure the edible vegetable oil run clean, and prolongs the service life of the lubricating bearings, thrust ball bearings, the machine running reliable.
Energy-saving and environmental protection Hongke new environmental protection cone crusher, a lot of advantages, a was launched by the warm welcome customers at home and abroad of the broken ability, high production efficiency, product size, a variety of broken cavity to meet your various crushing demand, is a variety of crushing production line of the best partner! Read more>>